Fame and Fortune: The Top 10 Entrepreneur Sharks Making Headlines on the Global Fame Board

Entrepreneurship speaks all about the visionaries and innovators who continue to shape industries, disrupt norms, and drive economic progress. From Silicon Valley to emerging markets, entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the ventures that redefine success. As we explore the domain of remarkable entrepreneurial expertise, it becomes evident that certain individuals stand out as true titans in their respective fields. These visionaries not only navigate the complexities of business but also inspire others with their innovative journeys. These top 10 entrepreneurs who have etched their names in the annals of business history, showcasing the diverse and influential mosaic of business ingenuity on a global scale.

Seif El Hakim

Architect of Entrepreneurial Transformation and The Alpha Movement Revolution

Founder & CEO Seif El Hakim Co. | Founder The Alpha Movement | Co-Founder Momentum | VP Riversong | Co-Founder 10xVibez | xSamsung CMO | Angel Investor | Mentor

Seif El Hakim, accomplished entrepreneur and former Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics in the CIS Region, boasts over 15 years of global experience and is widely recognized as The Alpha. Winner of the prestigious Man of Influence 2023 award, he steers ventures such as Momentum Group, Seif El Hakim Co., and pivotal roles in Riversong EMEA, 10xVibez, 10xBuzz, and 10xDealz. Renowned for his visionary leadership, Seif is the creative force behind “The Alpha movement”, which goes beyond personal development and business. At the heart of The Alpha Movement is Seif’s commitment to empowering aspiring leaders and businesses. The movement’s pillars, including The Alpha Vault, Alpha Talks Podcast, The Alpha Mag, The Alpha Books Series, The Alpha Club, and The Alpha Accelerator & Ventures,  form a holistic ecosystem fostering knowledge, collaboration, and community support. Seif’s profound impact extends to Alpha Talks, a business and mindset-focused show, where he engages with remarkable individuals, sharing insights and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Notably, Seif El Hakim is spearheading the expansion of The Alpha Movement in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, further solidifying his role as a visionary shaping the future business landscape in these influential economies.

Dr. Anand Menon

Pioneering Success, Transforming Businesses Globally.

CEO, Empowered Performance | Best Selling Author | UN-Sponsored Trainer | Global Leader | Sales Expert | Strategic Consultant | Committed To Excellence

Dr. Anand Menon, CEO of EMPOWERED PERFORMANCE FZ LLE, stands as a global luminary in entrepreneurship, wielding unparalleled expertise in training, development, life transformation, and has empowered thousands across the UK, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Boasting over three decades of experience and international recognition for his ‘whole brain’ profiling, he holds esteemed certifications as a Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) and a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE). He is the first international trainer sponsored by the United Nations to support the government of Somaliland in training employees in their telecom and retail business corporations and a co-author of “EMPOWERED,” the 3rd edition of the ‘Wake Up And Live The Life You Love’ series (Barnes & Noble). With strategic roles in Emirates Airlines and DAMAC Properties, he strategically consults for real estate, oil and gas, finance, and banking across 15 countries. Dr. Menon’s entrepreneurial prowess shines through his innovative creations, including the ‘ATARI Sales Mastery System,’ ‘USP: Ultimate Sales Professional,’ ‘Progressive Selling: High Performance – High Value,’ and ‘The Sales Accelerator’ for Real Estate in Dubai. His revolutionary ‘ROI Diagnostic’ underscores his commitment to driving intelligence and high performance across diverse industries. 

Bhavna Batra

A Multifaceted Maestro of Entrepreneurial Brilliance!

Founder & CEO, Synerggie | Asia’s Innovative Award Winner | Visionary Leader | Transformational Entrepreneur | Inspirational Icon | Dedicated Philanthropist

Bhavna Batra’s entrepreneurial odyssey unfolds as a paragon of unwavering determination, innovation, and steadfast commitment. Over two decades, she has not only secured her standing as a successful entrepreneur but has also diversified her expertise into domains such as writing, motivational speaking, energy healing, and Reiki mastery. Founder of Synerggie, a versatile enterprise celebrated for orchestrating seminars, conferences, and in-house training programs, Bhavna’s visionary leadership fueled transformative experiences. Her foray into consulting marked a milestone, offering strategic guidance in human resources, startups, and restructuring. Bhavna’s narrative transcends corporate triumphs, embodying empowerment and inspiration, particularly for women and solo entrepreneurs. A certified Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Healer, she extends her impact into the healing sphere. An accomplished writer, Bhavna’s articles grace esteemed publications. Notably she had the privilege of working with luminaries like Shahrukh Khan, Robin Sharma, and Nick Vujicic. Her influence extends to high-profile events with Anthony Robbins, Alicia Keys, and Filmfare, showcasing her diverse impact and global recognition. Her diverse journey, reflecting innovation, adaptability, initiation, pioneer, and confirmation, serves as an enduring acknowledgment of courage, resilience, and the boundless possibilities awaiting those who dare to dream.

Dr. Bu Abdullah

A Visionary Leader, Philanthropist, and Champion of Sustainable Impact

Chairman, Bu Abdullah Group | Guinness World Record Holder | World Book of Records UK Holder | Dedicated Philanthropist | Social Activist | Inspirational Leader | Visionary | Multifaceted Humanitarian | Influential Changemaker

Dr. Bu Abdullah, a renowned Emirati entrepreneur seamlessly blends legal expertise and business acumen in overseeing a diverse portfolio of more than 270 companies across the Middle East, Asia, and beyond. As the visionary behind the Bu Abdullah Group of Companies, which includes Real Estate, Legal Firm, and Business Consultancy, he has solidified his presence as a prominent figure in the business landscape. Driven by a journey that commenced with military school training, he cultivated soft skills and leadership abilities, transforming into a proficient professional and, ultimately, a thriving businessman. Dr. Abdullah’s substantial influence extends through Bu Abdullah Real Estate, Bu Abdullah Business Consultancy, and Bu Abdullah Investments. Recognized as a Guinness World Record Holder and World Book of Records UK Holder, he stands as a hallmark of entrepreneurial excellence, fostering global connections and creating opportunities on an international scale.

Kalim Bechara

Bridging Cultures, Fostering Investments, and Cultivating Arab Creativity.

Entrepreneur | Musician | Art Connoisseur | Sotheby’s Graduate | Cultural Advocate | Gallery Director | Arab Art Visionary

Kalim Bechara, an astute entrepreneur, musician, and art connoisseur from Lebanon, advocates for Arab culture’s promotion and aesthetic appreciation. A graduate of Sotheby’s, his dual approach involves emotional connection and pragmatic investment strategies in art acquisition. His extensive collection of Arab Art, featuring works by prominent artists, contributes to the region’s cultural heritage. Kalim Bechara’s entrepreneurial spirit, seen through Kalim ArtSpace, reflects his dedication to fostering creativity and weaving a vibrant story of artistic expression. One can explore more at Kalim ArtSpace, where art and culture converge in a straightforward yet impactful manner. As the director of Kalim Art Space Gallery, established in 2021, he collaborates with influential figures like Amna al Noweis to propel Arab art into global prominence. Kalim envisions a surge in Arab art’s market value and cultural importance, riding the wave of the “Arab cultural movement.” Committed to nurturing a thriving artistic community, he provides opportunities for emerging artists and collectors while challenging misconceptions about Arab art’s investment security. 

Mamela Luthuli

Cybersecurity Visionary, Leading Innovation and Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Founder & CEO, TakeNote IT | Female Founders Initiative Board Member | IoDSA member Women Business Leader in Cybersecurity and IoT | Board Member Defence and Security Industry Panel | Advocate for Youth Development

Mamela Luthuli, an accomplished business leader and CEO of Take Note IT,  a company providing Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. As a visionary entrepreneur, Mamela has dedicated her career to safeguarding businesses and individuals in South Africa and globally. With a profound belief in the transformative power of technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, she strives to lead her team towards creating a secure and innovative future. Initiating her entrepreneurial voyage at the age of 14, Mamela’s steadfast dedication to technology has elevated her to the leadership of one of South Africa’s few black, female-led cybersecurity firms. Mamela’s pioneering spirit extends to developing a locally produced product designed to detect and prevent theft and vandalism of critical business infrastructure. Mamela also holds key roles as a board member for the Female Founders Initiative in the Middle East and Africa, a Board Member of the Gauteng Management Agency, and an Advisory Board member of Defense and Security CSIR. Beyond her business endeavours, Mamela is a mentor and advocate for young talent, championing Take Note’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence by bridging the gap of unemployment and scarce skills. With a vision to change the narrative for marginalised women and future leaders, Mamela Luthuli continues to be a guiding influence in shaping the cybersecurity landscape and empowering the next generation.

Musa Khalfan Yasin

From Sprinting Glory to Business Triumph

Athlete | Medal-Winning Sprinter | CEO, MKI Investment | Business Mogul | Multifaceted Success | Dynamic Achiever | Entrepreneur

Musa Khalfan Yasin, UAE’s sprinting sensation, now stands as the visionary founder of MK Barbershop, an iconic grooming destination in Dubai. With an outstanding record of 100m and 200m, securing an impressive total of 42 medals, he effortlessly ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. MK Barbershop, born in 2017, embodies Musa’s commitment to providing a haven for every customer, fostering authentic connections. Notable for treating all clients equally, from celebrities like Anthony Joshua to everyday individuals, MK Barbershop’s success lies in its quality service and genuine connections. MK Barbershop’s story epitomises entrepreneurial spirit, where passion converges with perseverance to create an exceptional grooming experience. As the CEO of MKI Investment, Musa’s ventures span Trends & Lifestyle, Investment, Petroleum, and Real Estate. His journey mirrors a dynamic shift from the sprinting track to steering a thriving business empire. Musa’s expertise extends beyond the track, weaving into the fabric of a multifaceted success story that solidifies him as the epitome of entrepreneurial success.

Richard Fitzgerald

Shaping the Future of Media Storytelling

CEO, LovinDubai | CEO & Founder of WeAreAugustus Media | Dynamic Entrepreneur | Media Visionary | Global Icon

Richard Fitzgerald, CEO and Founder of Augustus Media, is a prominent figure in global media advertising with over a decade of experience. He’s held key roles in agencies across Ireland, England, and the UAE since 2006, showcasing his industry expertise. After leading the Social Media department at Mindshare MENA, he ventured into a creative technology start-up, highlighting his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. In 2015, he founded Augustus Media, a pioneering ‘new media’ company behind platforms like Lovin’ and Smashi. Starting with Lovin Dubai, the local news and entertainment channel is now live in 2020 cities across the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, Smashi TV, telling inspiring stories for the driver, the dreamers and the doers cover 13 verticals including Smashi Sports, Smashi Business and Smashi Gaming. Augustus Media was recognized by Fast Company Middle East in the Most Innovative Companies Awards 2022 for use of AI in media awards. Richard continues to redefine storytelling in the UAE and KSA, solidifying his status as a modern media trendsetter. He sits on the IAB MENA Board of Directors and manages media investments through Fitzy Fund.

Moaid Mahjoub

A Visionary Leader in Business Diplomacy and Tech Innovation.

Executive Senior Advisor | Board Member | Entrepreneurial Visionary, Global Diplomat, Real Estate Strategist

Moaid, is a seasoned Senior Executive Advisor at WaneGlobal, specialising in private equity, public equity, venture, and tech. With over a decade’s experience optimising large projects in the Middle East for global corporations, Moaid is a dynamic leader. His diplomatic prowess facilitated the successful entry of international firms into Saudi Arabian markets, fostering growth. Previously managing $200 million in hospitality and real estate assets, he demonstrated adeptness in international business. A tech-savvy professional, Moaid expanded sales channels through innovative web marketing strategies, contributing to revenue growth. Over five years, he honed expertise in sales strategy development, market analysis, and high-profile client relationship management, generating $100 million in corporate revenues. At WaneGlobal, Moaid continues to provide strategic insights, leveraging his diverse skill set to navigate the complexities of private equity, public equity, venture, and technology sectors. His track record underscores his prominence in the global business landscape.

Victory Zhang

Chinese Emerging Entrepreneur, Revolutionising Retail with Yala Discount App

Co Founder, Yalla App | Fashion Icon | Content Creator | Real Estate Expert | Global Inspirator | Philanthropist | Chinese Influencer | Ms. Asia, 2018 |

Victory Zhang, a driven entrepreneur and influencer based in Dubai, has an impressive journey in the fields of luxury, real estate, and social media. With a background in sales at YasWorld Hotel, Victory embarked on a transformative journey from a salesperson to a prominent figure in the luxury real estate sector, working with renowned brands like Emaar and Nakheel. In her pursuit of thinking bigger and stepping out of her comfort zone, Victory transitioned to become a pioneering influencer, creating engaging content that seamlessly integrates with various brands. As a multi talented personality, she has successfully navigated the challenges of content creation, continuously learning and adapting to new industries. Victory’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her latest venture, the Yala Discount app, where she serves as the visionary owner. This innovative application bridges the gap between Chinese and UAE markets, offering exclusive discounts and fostering collaborations with diverse brands. With a commitment to creativity, a pioneer spirit, and a dedication to positive influence, Victory Zhang exemplifies the essence of a modern entrepreneur making waves in the business landscape.

In concluding our exploration of the top 10 Entrepreneur Sharks, it’s evident that their stories form a collective narrative of resilience, innovation, and global impact. These innovators not only embody the entrepreneurial spirit but also serve as sources of inspiration for aspiring business leaders worldwide. As the entrepreneurial world continues to evolve, their contributions stand as a proof to the power of creativity, determination, and the commitment to excellence. Through their endeavors, they have not only shaped industries but have also left an indelible mark on the ever-changing canvas of global business. 

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