From Vision to Fame: The Top 10 Public Figures of 2023 Set to Lead the Charge on the Global Fame Board

In the changing panorama of public figures, our global stage is graced by individuals who transcend boundaries, shape narratives, and inspire transformative change. Public figures are at the forefront of driving societal progress and shaping the collective consciousness. These figures not only navigate the complexities of public life but also serve as guiding lights of inspiration, sparking conversations that resonate on a global scale. The statistics reveal a growing interest in the influence wielded by public figures, with social media metrics, public engagement indices, and other measurable parameters showcasing the far-reaching impact of their voices.

These  top 10 public figures have etched their names in the records of societal transformation, spotlighting the diverse and influential mosaic of their contributions on a global scale.

Ivlin Obeyt

A Multifaceted Maven in Media, Arts, and Fashion

Miss Syria | Excellence in Media & Arts | Best Fashion Icon Blogger | Lifestyle Enthusiast | Global Influencer | Philantrophist

Ivlin George Obeyt, with an illustrious two-decade career in the fashion industry and over 20 international fashion shows under her belt, reigns as Miss Syria 1999, a distinguished fashion designer, and founder of the luxurious Evoshka Style brand, is the epitome of style . With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Fashion Design degree, she orchestrates captivating runway shows worldwide. A devoted mother of three, philanthropist, and influencer for over 8 years, Ivlin seamlessly blends cultures through culinary TV appearances, showcasing Syrian cuisine. Her humanitarian endeavours, spanning 16 years with the International Diplomatic Women’s Club, showcase her commitment to charitable causes. Ivlin’s iconic charity event, held in Belarus, exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact by raising funds for cancer patients and the less fortunate. Ivlin Obeyt stands as a shining symbol of excellence in media, arts, and fashion. As a prominent social influencer in the domains of fashion and makeup, Ivlin consistently leaves a positive and far-reaching impact on a global scale.

Lara Tabet

A Dynamic Force Illuminating Dubai's Diverse Spectrum

Founder Arab Fashion Preneur | Founder Luxury with Lara | Founder Lara Tabet Beauty | ATP Global Influencer Awardee | TV presenter | Luxury brand Ambassador | Philanthropist |

Lara Tabet—an iconic TV presenter, dynamic entrepreneur and influential figure, has forged an inspiring path to success, leaving an indelible mark in philanthropy and fashion. Armed with a degree in Hospitality Management, Lara climbed the ranks in her family’s hotel business before venturing into the media industry. As a renowned TV presenter and producer, she showcased her talent on shows like “Societe” and “City Women.” Passionate about fashion, Lara became a pivotal figure in the Arab Fashion Council, advocating for emerging talent in the Middle East. Leveraging her global influence, Lara founded “Luxury with Lara,” a brand synonymous with high-end living. Her entrepreneurial spirit expanded to include “Arab Fashion Preneur,” a platform nurturing fashion and entrepreneurship in the region. Lara’s exceptional communication skills, highlighted in hosting prestigious events, coupled with her commitment to philanthropy, make her a trendsetter and a global influencer, celebrated with numerous awards, including the ATP’s Global Influencer Award in 2018.

Suraj Jumani

Maestro of Dubai's Youth Anthem, "I Love Dubai 2.0"

Artist | Musician | Man on a mission | Community Connector | Content Creator | Creative Leader

Suraj Jumani, a symbol of excellence, embarked on his artistic journey in 2022, shaping a remarkable career. As the founder of Blue Music Record Label, he has cultivated a musical empire, providing a unique platform for artists and captivating millions of global listeners. Under Mr. Jumani’s leadership, Blue Music Label has swiftly risen to prominence, becoming a trendsetting force in the music industry, fostering creativity beyond conventional boundaries. With a keen understanding of the music landscape, his ability to identify raw talent and prowess in production has led to multiple songs crossing the coveted 1 million+ views milestone, establishing the label as a digital haven for budding artists. Venturing into cinema, Suraj Jumani collaborates with multifaceted artists for an upcoming movie project, promising a significant impact on the film industry. His journey reflects a versatile artistic spirit navigating the complexities of music and film industries with finesse, standing as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the entertainment landscape. As his career ascends, Suraj Jumani signifies the enduring magic when passion aligns with purpose, ensuring a harmonious future for himself and the evolving legacy of Blue Music Label. 

Victory Zhang

Dubai's Digital Maven and Multifaceted Luminary

Chinese Influencer | Ms. Asia, 2018 | Entrepreneur | Fashion Icon | Content Creator | Creative Leader | Global Inspirator | Visionary

Victory Zhang, the triumphant winner of the 2018 Ms. Asia Pageant, has evolved into a formidable influencer in Dubai, seamlessly navigating the realms of real estate, food vlogging, and fashion. With a commanding presence on Instagram, Victory’s dynamic personality resonates across diverse audiences, transcending the confines of her pageant victory. A dedicated force in Dubai’s real estate, she extends her expertise to guide enthusiasts through the city’s property market intricacies. Beyond real estate, Victory’s passion for culinary exploration unfolds in engaging food vlogs, offering her followers an immersive journey through Dubai’s diverse culinary landscape. In the world of fashion, she effortlessly blends traditional Chinese attire with international trends, creating a unique style narrative. She is renowned for creating compelling content by infusing creativity into every collaboration. Committed to building a strong personal brand, emphasising values, and inspiring the young generation to embrace positivity in their influencer journey. Her journey, from Ms. Asia to a revered influencer in Dubai, reflects unwavering determination and creativity. With each endeavour, With every venture, Victory sparks enthusiasm in others, imprinting a lasting impact on both her followers and the industry, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Milena Sjekloca

Architecting Triumphs in the Legal, Marketing, and Real Estate Spheres

Legal Luminary | Marketing Maestro |Real Estate Innovator| Multifaceted Professional | Dubai Visionary | Award-Winning Sales Manager | Business Dynamo

Milena Sjekloca, an accomplished professional with a diverse background, is a renowned public figure. Armed with a master’s degree in international law, she initially excelled in high criminal law, amassing invaluable experience. Nine years ago, Milena ventured to Dubai, marking the inception of a transformative journey. Complementing her legal acumen, she broadened her expertise through numerous influencer and social media marketing courses. Joining one of the largest companies in the MENA region, Milena harnessed her dual proficiency in law and marketing, leaving an indelible mark. Fueled by her passion for Dubai, she delved into its intricacies, merging her insights to revolutionise the real estate market. Recognized as an awarded international sales manager, Milena consistently secures the highest revenue in off-plan real estate. Her close collaborations with eminent developers have been crucial in shaping and amplifying the success of their projects.

Dr. Mariam Shaikh

Catalyst for Global Education Transformation

Asia's Top 100 Women Power Leaders | Founder, CEO at MS Education Consultants | Entrepreneur | Lifelong Advocate for Education | Student and Women Empowerment Enthusiast | Co-Author of Dubai Business Leaders

Dr. Mariam Shaikh, a highly regarded education professional in the United Arab Emirates, boasts a 35-year track record of notable achievements. With expertise in Student Recruitment, Marketing, Strategic Development, International Relations, and Student Experience, she held key positions in esteemed foreign universities established in the UAE. Dr. Mariam actively mentored ambitious students globally, particularly in her senior roles at the Canadian University of Dubai, Heriot-Watt University Dubai, and Amity University in Dubai. Her dedicated efforts significantly contributed to the establishment, exponential growth, and overall development of student communities in these institutions’ foreign branch campuses. In 2020, she founded MS Education Consultants based in UAE, dedicated to guiding global students in achieving their educational dreams with the strong belief that “It is never too late to set a new goal or dream a new dream”.  As the Middle East Strategist for the University of Guelph and the Middle East Representative for Toronto Metropolitan University, she furthers her commitment to shaping educational pathways. Dr. Mariam’s journey exemplifies dedication and excellence, with her belief that success arises from purposeful efforts and passion. Positioned as a public figure, she aims to inspire students, young women, innovators, and entrepreneurs, emphasising the transformative power of passion in leaving an unforgettable legacy.

Neda Maliq

Pioneering Elegance in Every Fact of Life

Digital Content Creator | Beauty Influencer | Makeup Artist | Luxury | Skincare | Top Middle East & Africa Influencer Award Winner | Beauty & Tech Enthusiast | Trendsetter | Entrepreneurial Spirit

Neda Malik, a distinguished Lifestyle & Beauty influencer, seamlessly integrates her roles as a devoted mother to a toddler and a content creator. Born in Riyadh, KSA, Neda’s journey in the blogging sphere began in 2015, quickly amassing over 101K followers. Her niche spans makeup tutorials, fashion, technology, skincare hacks, and lifestyle content, showcasing her multifaceted expertise. Beyond the digital realm, Neda collaborates with esteemed brands like Huda Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Panasonic, and Revlon. Balancing her demanding telesales role, she tirelessly pursues her passion, collaborating with industry giants such as Ritz Carlton, L’Oreal, and Tory Burch. Neda’s unique niche includes a profound passion for teaching makeup looks through engaging tutorials, extending her impact beyond product endorsements. Her unwavering dedication and ability to balance diverse responsibilities make Neda a standout figure in the dynamic world of lifestyle and beauty influencing, embodying the essence of a Saudi local making waves on a global stage.

Sacha Jafri

Artistic Ascension to Global Acclaim

Artist | Guinness World Record Holder | Entrepreneur | Humanitarian | Philanthropist | Visionary | Innovator | Global Advocate

Sacha Jafri, an internationally acclaimed artist, recently achieved the status of one of the world’s most expensive living artists. His monumental painting, “Journey of Humanity,” commanded an astonishing $62 million, marking a historic milestone. Undertaking the ambitious task of creating the world’s largest painting in a Dubai ballroom during the pandemic, Jafri garnered global attention. This Guinness World Records-recognized artwork was segmented into 70 pieces for auction but was acquired as a whole for double the initial asking price by Dubai-based businessman Andre Abdoune. This exceptional accomplishment contributes to Jafri’s career proceeds, surpassing $60 million, which will be directed towards charities supporting disadvantaged children affected by the pandemic. Noteworthy for his transformative artistry, Jafri is poised to make history as the first artist to have artwork land on the moon. Supported by UNICEF, UNESCO, and Dubai Cares, Jafri’s impactful artistic journey resonates globally, underscoring the profound potential of art for humanitarian causes.

Safa Peshimam

Crafting Emotions on Canvas and in Verses

Global Pride Awardee | Digital Artist | Poet | Entrepreneur | Photographer | Fashion Icon | Visionary | Innovator

Safa Peshimam, a 22-year-old Indian artist and poet based in Dubai, is a distinguished Heriot-Watt University graduate, holding a Master’s in International Business Management with Marketing. Seamlessly integrating academic expertise with artistic talent, she has recently been honoured with the prestigious UAE Achievers Award and the Global Pride Award. She has also been awarded the Rabindranath Tagore award for her poetry book “Elegy” A UAE golden visa holder, Safa’s art and poetry delve into a spectrum of emotions, navigating themes such as grief, love, friendship, and happiness. As a self-taught artist, her portfolio ranges from intricately detailed pieces to expansive panoramic views. Safa aptly defines art as both a reflection of life and an escape; skillfully constructing a bridge between reality and imagination hence contributing to the cultural landscape with a unique intersection of business education and artistic expression

Sonal Purohit

A Visionary Artist and Advocate

CEO at The PaintBrush Art Community | Artist | Philanthropist | Innovator | Community Connector | Creative Leader

Sonal Purohit, a pioneering artist and CEO, has redefined the art scene in the UAE. With a master’s in English literature, she excels in abstract, mixed media, and experimental art. As the founder of an innovative art community, The Painting Brush Community (TPBAC), she addressed the limitations of existing platforms, becoming the only art community listed on Amazon in the UAE. Recognized among the top 10 rising CEOs globally in 2022, Sonal seamlessly blends canvas art with music, fashion, and performances. Her groundbreaking “Hybrid Online Live Art & Exhibition” and the first-ever “Painting Wizard 2022” competition showcase her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Notably, she curated 18 exhibitions, including 6 hybrid ones, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. Sonal’s influence extends beyond art, with initiatives like the “Art & Artisans” coffee table book and promoting fabric art among blue-collar workers. A Maharana Award winner, her exhibitions grace international media, reflecting her role as a transformative force in the global art community.

In concluding our exploration of the top 10 Public Figures, it’s evident that their stories form a collective narrative of resilience, advocacy, and global impact. These influencers not only embody the spirit of public service but also serve as sources of inspiration for individuals worldwide. As societal dynamics continue to evolve, the contributions of these figures stand as a confirmation to the enduring power of their influence. The trends in public engagement and the evolving role of public figures underscore the significant nature of their impact, shaping conversations and steering the course of societal discourse.

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